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Grocercheck Foundation is a registered non profit organization centered around a web application,, that makes accessible live grocery busyness data to help consumers follow social distancing guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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We are a team of passionate students looking to help make a difference

Brian Chen
Brian Chen | Co-Founder & Developer
Hi! I’m Brian, and I’m an incoming freshman at the University of Toronto. The idea for GrocerCheck came about when I had to buy eggs to bake a loaf of bread and couldn't figure out if it would be safer or easier to go to Costco or to the ethnic grocery store five blocks away during these uncertain times. I’m passionate about creating solutions for problems in the world around me. I am beyond excited to see GrocerCheck come to life.
Andy Liang
Andy Liang | Co-Founder & Developer
Hey! My name is Andy and I am a grade 11 student at Eric Hamber Secondary. I started GrocerCheck with the goal of helping myself and others practice social distancing during this crucial time. I wanted to be able to see a map of the city and where I could go to get groceries without exposing myself to the potentially infectious crowds. I am very passionate about finding problems that I can solve or existing things that I can improve on, and I love getting my hands dirty and working on building solutions. I was so glad to see Grocercheck take shape, bit by bit, and I believe that it will be an important website for everybody to visit.
Preston Lai
Preston Lai | Head of Information & Business Development
Hi there! My name is Preston and I’m an incoming freshman at the University of British Columbia. Throughout my life I have always been passionate about getting involved with projects to create social differences around my community. So when I had the opportunity to join the GrocerCheck team, a group of amazing individuals working towards a common goal of making the world a safer place, I couldn’t resist! Now after working with this team for a few months, I look forward to building lifelong networks, creating solutions to make a difference in the world, and challenging the status quo.
Luke Dunn
Luke Dunn | Head of Design
Hi! I’m Luke, and while I was trying to figure out what to do with myself during the Covid-19 pandemic I was invited to join the GrocerCheck team and in the process make a difference in my community. What an opportunity! In my spare time I work on my own design based projects and fantasize about being outside.
Topher So
Topher So | Head of Finance & Marketing
Hello! I’m Topher, and I’m an incoming student at UBC’s Sauder School of Business. I am in charge of the finances behind GrocerCheck. I am extremely passionate about finance, so having the opportunity to be GrocerCheck’s CFO was one I couldn’t pass up. In my spare time, I enjoy watching sports, playing badminton, and listening to music. I look forward to working with the GrocerCheck team, and I hope GrocerCheck continues to help people social distance safely!
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GrocerCheck is a student-run nonprofit that relies on donations to keep our service running. We will donate all excess proceeds to the Vancouver General Hospital COVID-19 relief fund

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