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Should I Wear A Mask?
Graeden Lau

<br>As regulations loosen and our lives start up again, COVID-19 isn’t going anywhere.

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6 Social and Mental Health Tips For Quarantine
Karen Chen

The current pandemic is like nothing that the world has ever seen.

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How Shanghai Handled COVID
Ahanaa Puri

As someone experiencing COVID-19 in Shanghai, here are several things I believe the city implemented well.

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Essential Workers Share The Influence Of COVID-19 On Their Lives
Gloria Rahgozar

“The general public often overlooks low income essential workers.

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The Built Environment - How Building Design Can Reduce Viral Transmissions
Grace Li

As the world slowly opens up amidst the ongoing pandemic and people return to their daily lives, the risk of a second wave begins to loom over everyone’s heads.

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Opinion Piece: Why Education is Key to Achieving Solidarity
Esther Zhang

Amidst the global chaos, education provides the beginning of the shift from disarray to solidarity and unification.

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Why Social Distancing is Still Necessary (And How To Do It Properly)
Joe Salmon

While regulations regarding social distancing are loosening up around the world, that does not mean social distancing will soon be a thing of the past.

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